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Martha Bakes

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Genres : TV Shows | Documentary

Release Date : Feb 14,2011

Language : English

Total Episodes : 4

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Cheesecakes in various sizes and flavors include an Italian ricotta cheesecake and individual cherry cheesecakes.

Series Info

Series Storyline :

"Martha Bakes" fulfills Martha's Stewart's long-time dream of creating a visual teaching course that features the best of the best in home baking. Based on her many years of experimenting, teaching and research, this Baking 101 destination delivers a thoughtfully edited collection of Martha's personal favorites, from savories to sweets. It also demystifies everything from how to make the perfect cheesecake without a crack to how to create the ultimate devil's food cake. What distinguishes the series is that each installment, covering themes from pound cake to pate brisee, will begin with a recipe's basic foundation and will explore how the addition of certain ingredients or the use of a new technique will result in not one, but multiple dishes.